Size Guide

Unsure about your ring size? no need to worry - we're here to assist you! You have the option to determine your ring size by either using a strip of paper to measure your finger circumference or by measuring the diameter of an existing ring. This can be achieved through the following steps:


Method 1: Find your ring circumference with paper 

1. Cut a slim strip of paper.

2. Gently wrap the strip around your finger, ensuring it lies beneath your knuckle and is close to your palm. OBS: make sure to tighten the paper strip around your finger for accurate measurement.

3. Mark the point where the paper meets itself.

4. Unwind the paper from your finger and measure the marked section using a ruler.

You're almost there! To find your precise ring size please refer to the provided chart below. It's important to note that certain rings are available in half sizes, which naturally fall between two whole sizes.


Method 2: Find diameter of existing ring

Second solution is to measure the diameter of a ring that fits you and determine the ring size from that measurement by using the cart below.


*Please be aware that ring sizes may differ based on the width of the ring. For wider rings, selecting a slightly larger size than usual is typically recommended.


EU Size Chart

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